Sant Jaume de Fadrell

We are in the hermitage of Fadrell. This hermitage was built on the ancient Roman ruins at the beginning of the Castellón city history. Later, it was a Muslim settlement and in the year 1233, King Jaume I gave it to the commandery of Santiago. This hermitage is also considered as a place where King Jaume I slept when he conquered these lands from the Muslims.

For the people of Castelló this hermitage is a very beloved one, because it is the starting point of our city and also because it is owned by the municipality of Castellón, as are the rest of the hermitages including the basilica of Lledó. This is something exceptional, extraordinary and it does not occur in many municipalities throughout the whole Valencian Community and Spain. So we are very proud to be in this hermitage where the Fadrell agreement was also signed; an agreement of governability of the city of Castelló. Here I also have a special feeling because in this parish, which is originally from hermitage and has more than five centuries of history, my mother was baptized. My grandfather and my uncles have been procurators of the entrustment of Fadrell and I will be in the coming years. I am also proud to have been married in this hermitage, the origin of our town, and in a hermitage where my family has always had land. Therefore, you will understand that for me it is an honor to present here the hermitage of Fadrell.