Sant Josep del Censal

We are in the hermitage of San José de Censal, it is a hermitage which at the end of the 20th century became the object of guardian and responsibility of the carpenters’ guild and where each of the members collaborated in a small restoration and in the supply of, for example, the benches. Some carpenters supplied something, others varnished, others installed, etc. and later carpenters’ guild began to celebrate the feast of San José here. 

After the disappearance of carpenters’ guild, the celebration, which included a small mass and procession, no longer took place here, but about two years ago, thanks to the interest of several former associates and carpenters and with the collaboration of the city council, the feast of San José has begun to be celebrated again, here in the chapel. The celebration takes place on March 19 and includes a small mass, where normally we, the carpenters, participate, and a small procession starting from here, walking with the saint, to the ravine of Fraga and coming back. Afterwards a small wine of honor is made and the feast consists of that. 

It is a meeting point for the carpenters’ guild and it is considered as a small and local feast, attended only by people of the guild, so we are trying to continue and preserve this tradition by involving our children, young people. For example, I have two girls and they come every year, they are so excited to bring out the saint. We will see how we keep this tradition in Castellón and we will try to preserve it the more years the better.