Sant Roc de Canet

De Canet, because it is located in the district of the same name and from “les fontanelles” because we are in a place which was flooded some years ago, and now it is full of ponds and wetlands. The hermitage of Sant Roc is dedicated to a pest saint, much loved in the past in Castellón and who still remains a beloved saint today. Just remember how we celebrate today Sant Roc del Raval, Sant Roc de Vora Sèquia, Sant Roc de Canyaret i Casola, Sant Roc de la Vila, the saints who are still well remembered in our city. And a hermitage that is the poorest of all those in our area, but that does not mean that it is not admired. In fact, it is the most beloved of all because it is the hermitage that really serves as a mandatory point on the day of the pilgrimage of the Madalena. Sant Roc also becomes a meeting point for all the people of Castellón during the way to and from the pilgrimage of the Canyes.

On the other hand, we are talking about a hermitage that in 1987 was passed to the “Colla El Pixaví” and that the council hall has been refurbishing over the years. A hermitage that celebrates its annual festival on the last Sunday of September under the slogan: “Sant Roc de Canet, a little bit of everything” and as the slogan says there are a series of religious events along with recreational events that are held in the enclosure of the hermitage throughout the day. It should be noted, apart from the Eucharistic celebration and the singing of “els Goigos” dedicated to the saint, the pilgrimage to the memory of “fontanelles” mentioned above. Among the recreational events, we should highlight a small tribute, which changes every year, and is dedicated to those ordinary people who have helped Castellón grow: a watchman, a lemons vender, a ticket agent, a switchman … simple people but who have kindly influenced our city. And, which then ends with a brotherhood meal in which everyone is invited to eat a caldera or “pot” of Sant Roc that is cooked and seasoned during the morning in the same place. A hermitage, Sant Roc, a town, Castellón, united for 300 years.