Basílica de la Mare de Déu del Lledó i casa prioral

We are in the basilica of the Verge del Lledó, one of the most significant places for all the people of Castellón because of its religious, sociological, historical and artistic importance; a place where the Verge del Lledó is venerated, the patron saint of the Castellón city since the 14th century. This basilica with its outstanding architectural style takes us to the journey through history from its construction in the 14th century to the form we have today: a Baroque-Valencian style. It is the largest Baroque-Valencian temple that is preserved throughout the Valencian community. It is a symbolic place for the social life of the city.  

In the month of May, the brotherhood of Lledó, one of the oldest in the city, which dates back to the sixteenth century, celebrates the festivities in honor of Verge del Lledó and during the second Saturday of the Magdalena festivities, thousands of people from Castellón make a pilgrimage to the esplanade of the basilica of Lledó to honor their patron saint by bringing her flowers.